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May 15, 2023

Current and Upcoming News on The Dive Table

Current and Upcoming News on The Dive Table

Jay (00:02.789)
Welcome to the dive table. I'm Jay Gardner and with me is producer Daniel. And we are giving you kind of a midstream update of what's been going down, what's been happening in my world and Daniel's world as we continue to produce new content for the dive table. So Daniel, what's up? How's it going?

Daniel (00:22.870)
Good man. I'm good. End of the week. Looking forward to, well, I guess when this gets aired, Mother's Day weekend will have already happened, but looking forward to the weekend as always. End of the week, Fridays.

Jay (00:37.865)
Like the band the weekend or the actual Saturday and Sunday.

Daniel (00:42.517)
Isn't isn't it a person?

Jay (00:44.425)
That's right, it's a person, it's not a band.

Daniel (00:46.420)
Yeah, that's all I know don't ask me any more questions on that

Jay (00:49.841)
I don't know. It's like, you know, who, how, how would you like to be called? Like, why don't we call you Tuesday from now on? Just like.

Daniel (00:58.310)
I mean, I know, I think, I mean, there's Wednesdays, right? Yeah.

Jay (01:00.797)
Yeah, he could be Wednesday and I'll be Thursday and he'll be the weekend. It's perfect.

Daniel (01:06.434)
As long as nobody's on Monday.

Jay (01:08.153)
Well, good. Well, we wanted to give a little update. A lot's been happening behind the scenes. And I'm glad you're here with me. So I'm looking forward to this little update. Keep everyone in the loop of what's happening and what to expect kind of coming down the pipeline with the podcast and with the show.

Daniel (01:26.231)
Yeah, definitely.

Jay (01:27.977)
All right, so a few things. Um, number one, something I'm super excited about to announce is that we finally have video, so I don't know. You want to talk a little bit about this, but we've been recording video for like a year now, but we haven't produced it. Yeah. Maybe a little less than a year, but we we've had video, but we didn't put it out. And so we finally are putting video out of, of the podcast on YouTube. So why don't you talk a little bit? If you are a person.

Daniel (01:42.780)

Jay (01:55.561)
I am not this person, but there are, I've been told there are people out there that will listen to podcasts on YouTube. They will watch people podcasts, which I listened to it in the car. So it's a little bit different. So why don't you speak to a little bit, where can we find the dive table on YouTube? What to expect? How has that been? How's that process been?

Daniel (02:14.318)
Well, just to be completely transparent, there's been videos since day one. Just thought I'd throw that out there. Just what to do with it has always been the question. Yeah, I think you told me that people, quote, listen to podcasts on YouTube. I don't wanna upset you, but I think that's an age thing.

That's why you don't do it. And you might be right at the cutoff. You might be right at the cutoff of people. Yeah. I see the chin there, the whiskers, the gray. Yeah, so videos are slowly getting uploaded to YouTube. Clips and the full length episodes. We will have action videos as well as they get created.

Jay (02:45.378)
He just caught me old.

Jay (02:50.809)
I got some gray, I got some gray.

Daniel (03:12.510)
From here on out. We're not gonna not gonna necessarily put anything out That's been in the past and I might Steal some video from Scott And borrow some of his footage for the the YouTube channel as well, which I've already asked permission So that was a non-purpose mention. Yeah Cuz I hear he's decent at it. You know, it's too bad. We we haven't had him on here yet so he could actually admit it but

Jay (03:31.529)
That's always nice.

Jay (03:42.193)
He's coming up. He's coming up.

Daniel (03:43.870)
Yeah, definitely looking forward to that one for sure.

Jay (03:46.461)
Good. So is it backslash the dive table?

Daniel (03:50.574)
It is, unless you're a forward slash kind of person, depending on how you look at it. But yes, that's exactly what it is. Super simple.

Jay (03:58.055)
This might date me too, but do you remember Conan O'Brien when he was doing a show? Of course, right? I loved it that whenever he did web addresses, he put a picture of slash for the slash. I thought that was hilarious. So.

Daniel (04:02.915)
Oh, sure.

Daniel (04:13.558)
But it didn't put the back of slash the backslash. Okay.

Jay (04:16.237)
No, no, he put he put the front of slash actually that would have been funnier. You should have been a writer for Kono.

Daniel (04:22.847)
I listened to his podcast for a little bit and then I stopped.

Jay (04:27.325)
Yeah, I got mad respect for that guy because he was a writer for the Simpsons. That's how he got his start. And. Oh yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Um, I don't, was he on, I don't know if he was a cast member on Saturday Night Live. That's a good to factor. He was a writer. That's right. Yeah. I think he was Simpsons then Saturday Night Live or maybe it was the other way around, but I have mad respect for anyone with the Simpsons because my goodness, one of the most incredible television shows in the

Daniel (04:33.482)
Yeah, I guess that was before Saturday Night Live. Yeah, okay.

Daniel (04:41.938)
No, no, he was a writer, he was a writer, yeah. Yeah.

Jay (04:54.873)
Episodes he wrote were particularly funny. So if you have a chance to look that up, I, I, I recommend it.

Daniel (04:58.678)

Daniel (05:02.322)
They've been predicting the future forever. There's so many oddities in that show. There was a conspiracy theory, I'm sure there is somewhere, about the writers, maybe not the cast members, but certainly the writers for The Simpsons. There's just something, can't be that right that many times. But, yeah.

Jay (05:05.417)
Forever, exactly.

Jay (05:25.898)
Nostradamus and the Simpsons, right? All right, good. So that's number one video. Number two, the other thing, well, there's a few things. I think there's like three or four, but number two is, so I have completed the move. So if you didn't know beforehand, if you haven't been following along and this is maybe your first episode of the dive table, one, welcome, but two, I have completed my move, what I would call back home.

Daniel (05:30.339)
So yeah.

Jay (05:53.873)
We, uh, me and my family are originally from the Southern California area. I grew up in LA. My wife grew up in San Diego. Um, her family is still here in San Diego and it was time for us to move back from Texas back home. So we moved. It was crazy. There are so many stories moving halfway, literally halfway across the country. Um, and we, we had the trifecta of, you know, selling a house, renting a house and buying a new house.

And it was incredibly taxing and crazy and emotional and all of those things that you can imagine that go into that. And then once all of that's done, you then have to figure out the logistics of moving five people and a dog and all your stuff halfway across the country. And that was, yeah, it was not a fun, I don't think anyone, there's a few people I think that enjoy aspects of moving. Like I've talked in this process, people, oh, you're moving.

Daniel (06:41.009)
No, thank you.

Jay (06:52.373)
I love this part or I hate this part. There are people that love the packing part of moving. Like I love packing stuff or unpacking stuff, but no one likes the whole thing. Like the whole thing is just like crap. Like no one likes to move. And especially when you're going halfway across the country.

Daniel (06:59.030)
masochists what do you where's it say this

Daniel (07:14.286)
Have you unpacked the last box yet?

Jay (07:17.313)
No, so we're where we're at right now is we, you know, we, we kind of had to have a priority of how we did things. So obviously getting here and getting everything here was number one. Number two was safety. So we now have a pool, which is amazing. I never like thought how cool it would be to have a pool and we have a spa. Well, that pool was not fenced. And we have a three year old who doesn't yet know how to swim. That's, that's her.

Daniel (07:34.710)

Daniel (07:45.003)

Jay (07:45.629)
By the time she's, you know, four, she'll know how to swim, but right now she doesn't. So, you know, pool fence needs to go up. And so you got to find a contractor and coordinate and make all the decisions, you know, those sorts of things. Um, lighting, you know, around the property and making sure everyone's safe for that. Um, you know, railing, all these sorts of safety considerations, um, come in first, right, that, that things that we need to repair, um, there's a propane leak, for example, or a, or natural gas leak that we had to get fixed and.

Daniel (08:14.440)
Uh, yeah.

Jay (08:14.557)
The gate, we have a gate to our electronic gate. I've never had one of those either, but there's an electronic gate that wasn't working. So we couldn't enter or exit the property correctly, right? We never knew if the gate was open or closed. And so that was an electrical issue that had to give it. So anyway, not to bore everybody out there with all the details, but there was a priority of things to fix and create safety so that our kids and everyone's safe here. And then the next step is kind of

Daniel (08:27.266)

Jay (08:43.517)
when you have kids is to get them settled, right? So we've been working on that, getting their rooms done, all that fun stuff and into school and all that. Literally the room that is full of boxes still is my wife and I's room. So that's least priority. But then there's just a thousand little things, you know? So I got to the point where I was able to unpack all of my scuba gear.

Daniel (08:59.763)
Sure, sure. Narrow down.

Jay (09:13.069)
and found most of that in order. Exactly. That's a priority after safety comes scuba. So I got to go, uh, just yesterday on a dive with Jack Durr, who was cohosting a couple of, um, uh, I think, uh, the last three episodes. And so that was a lot of fun, but it was, it was also very challenging. The word I used to describe that dive was messy. I felt really messy. And it was funny cause I had

Daniel (09:13.695)
Ah, priorities.

Jay (09:39.921)
a brand new dry suit that I hadn't tried out yet. I literally had worn it in the pool for 10 minutes because I just wanted to make sure it fit and all that. It was the first time I really wore that with new undergarments, which changed your weighting quite a bit. A new dive site with new dive team or team members, people I'd never dove with before, right? And kind of now I'm through all of this, I haven't dove in like probably a month. It's been killing me. Outside of the pool, I haven't been in the water to dive. So,

You know, you have that new dive site is now, you know, waves and, and surge and surf and wind shop and all of it. And then current, when you get down into depth, there's still current flow. There's still surge. So it was really interesting because, you know, I feel pretty solid as a diver and I felt like a brand new rookie and it was, you were joking before this that like,

The minute that this is always scuba, the minute you feel good about things, scuba reminds you, Hey, uh, you know, this is dangerous and this is something you need to have your full mind on and, and be squared away. And so, you know, I was a little underweighted, um, felt a little messy, just out of trim, how to, you know, get comfortable. And I was wearing doubles because that's what I had access to finally unpacking, which of course, like the surface swim at the dive set we were at.

which is called La Jolla Shores. And we went to a place called Valacitos Point. That surface swim is a good 20, 30 minutes out to even the drop point on the dive. And so like, you're just fighting the whole way. And I immediately went under the water, got a cramp in my right leg, then my left leg or calves. And it was just like, ah, you know, like, ah, what am I doing? Like, ah, and I could feel I was underweighted from the minute I went under. I'm like, I know I'm underweighted, which is gonna make.

Daniel (11:21.986)
Ha ha.

Jay (11:32.893)
the end of this dive, not super fun. And, but once I got down to depth, kind of worked through the cramp, you know, we got to see some really cool octopus. We saw a flounder buried. We were, you know, diving along the wall, checked out a bunch of stuff and it was really cool. So getting reoriented, we should probably do an episode on like, how do you orient to a brand new, because there's lots of people that move, lots of divers that are moving, and then you have to go get plugged in somehow. And, you know, luckily for me, I have

Jack here who is plugging me in, but I need to find a shop and all those sorts of things for Phil's. So everything's new and I felt like a back to my you know, maybe advanced open water.

Daniel (12:15.513)
I think, I think that's, I think I'm not saying any, but well, there's certainly people that need it. But

Daniel (12:28.178)
I think it's important for anything you do, especially if, to put it bluntly, it's a life and death matter that you should be challenged every once in a while because that's when ego can set in if it's not challenged and then reset what it is, things that you need to relearn, but because of an environment, not because you haven't done it in a minute. So what was...

Jay (12:55.525)
Yeah, kind of a combo. Kind of a combo of both.

Daniel (12:57.342)
What was the, what was the vis and temperature like?

Jay (13:01.673)
So the Viz was at depth was pretty good. You know, it was clear, but it was night. So it was a night dive. And so on top of all of it, right? So it was a night dive. So, but Viz was pretty good at depth. I'd say probably like 10 to 15 feet, maybe a little bit more, 20 feet. Once you got up a little bit farther, you know, in the 40, 30 foot range.

Daniel (13:12.651)
Oh, okay.

Daniel (13:14.966)
Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Jay (13:30.457)
it started to just kind of go like pretty quickly, um, because it was, it was all the surge was just stirring up all the, all the, uh, all the sand. And also, I guess there was a red tide recently and there's a lot of leftover, ah, I forget the exact name of it. Jack's gonna, Jack told me the name of it. He's gonna, he's gonna shake his finger at me when I forgot, but there's a name of what's kind of the, the remnants of that red tide is still in the water and that murks up the water significantly. So.

Jay (14:00.185)
Um, so yeah, it kicked my butt physically and mentally and all that stuff. I woke up this morning and both of my calves, it was just like so sore. And, uh, you know, it was like, you know, walking around super gingerly and my wife's like, what, what happened to you? And I'm like, nothing happened. I just, you know, I was sorely underprepared and

Daniel (14:08.919)

Daniel (14:19.330)
You need to start to, well, you just avoid the cramps, but so how much closer are you because of that experience to a DPV?

Jay (14:28.517)
Oh man, I mean, it was the first word I uttered when I, you know, halfway through my surface when like, are we there yet? No, we're not even close. Like, are you kidding? Like, oh, okay.

Daniel (14:39.045)
Yeah. Do you know if the other members were DPV users? They just didn't because?

Jay (14:45.021)
So I know there are quite a few. I was talking to a guy last night that we dove with who's like, well, if you get one, I'll get one. And I was like, okay, deal. Like, you know, then we can ride out there together and just wait for everybody. But yeah, there are some that use it. A lot of people, you know, obviously it's a luxury to have something like that. And...

Daniel (14:51.366)
Oh, yeah.

Daniel (14:56.174)
I'm not sure.

Jay (15:12.401)
But it was an interesting dive because it was a very mixed team dive. There were two guys on rebreather's, uh, two single tanks, and then me and doubles. And so it was a mixed team dive. Um, but we broke into two teams and they're serious photographers. I mean, uh, talk about some cool photography rigs. They had some serious and they do a lot of the, the macro photography of the things that are on that, um, you know, the wall that are there.

Daniel (15:18.138)
Oh, okay.

Jay (15:41.221)
And so it's always interesting diving with photographers because, you know, for example, and I'm not picking on anyone out here, so when you hear this, I'm not picking on you particularly, but just as an example, one of the things that fellow photographers will do to try and draw attention to a subject to take pictures of in a night dive, for example, or that I saw, I shouldn't say all photographers do, was like a major flashlight movements to show this huge founder. So,

Daniel (16:08.348)
Oh yeah.

Jay (16:09.989)
I'm seeing this flash and I'm looking at everybody else and I'm seeing, cause I'm seeing it and I'm hearing, you know, what I'm reading in that signal is I'm out of gas and I'm thinking, okay, this is a rebreather diver, like something wrong with his unit. What's going on? Cause he's flashing the out of gas sign, which I'm, I'm, you know, and I could barely see him. All I could see really was his light. And so he's flashing, flashing, flashing, flashing. I'm looking at everybody else to see like, is anyone else reacting? And like, no one else is reacting like

So I took two hard kicks, hand on the long hose, ready to shove it in his mouth because I wasn't sure what was going on. And I get close enough to him where I could actually see his face and see everything. And he was flashing to show where this fish was to another photographer. And I was like, oh, okay, back kick, back kick. Like don't shove the rig in his mouth. Like that's not a good introduction of yourself. Like, you know, just, but then I, you know, mentioned it after the dive, like, hey, you almost got a long hose shoved right in your mouth.

Daniel (16:54.706)
Interesting. Yeah. Yeah.

Daniel (17:00.866)
Just testing.

Jay (17:08.500)
Cause I wasn't sure what was going on. He's like, Oh yeah. Okay. Like that light signal was probably a little aggressive to show where that fish was, but there's a shorthand to people that you dove with before, which all of these folks had dove together before that that wasn't an emergency. To me, I read it as potential emergency, although no one else is reacting. Like I'm still going to react just in case. And it was fine. So, um, so I probably looked like, you know,

an idiot. Swimming over there like, Oh, is everything okay?

Daniel (17:38.698)
I mean, better than the other way around. You're like, oh, it's just a light thing. And he literally was out of air.

Jay (17:45.369)
Yeah, yeah. So, so, you know, there's some, some acclamation both to the environment, to diving with someone, some new folks, uh, all of that fun stuff. So hold on, let's take a pause for a second. Cause I hear my kids home and she's crying.

Jay (18:04.890)
I don't know what that's all about.

Daniel (18:07.630)
Get ready with the long hose. Is she out of air? I heard something, I didn't know it was crying. I just thought it was shouting.

Jay (18:08.965)
Yeah, exactly. Can you hear it or no?

Jay (18:14.225)
Okay, now, now sit down. All right, we can pick up here. Okay, so to wrap up number two, I'm officially moved. I do miss Texas, parts of Texas, and Texas diving. There's some, we should do a love letter to Texas diving because I really, really appreciated it. Yeah, go ahead.

Daniel (18:28.446)
Oh, that's what I wanted to say. Sorry, you mentioned the viz, and then I remembered Jack complaining that it was like 20 feet. I was like, yeah, but that sucks. I'm so sorry for your loss, but try three, four feet. Jerk.

Jay (18:41.601)

Jay (18:47.665)
Yeah, there's definitely better viz. But what surprisingly, and maybe, you know, this is my first dive here, and it was at night. But surprisingly, it was it was very similar to in terms of the visualization, like what you saw. It was very similar to, like, for example, the shelf at Lake Travis, you know, in the lake, it was kind of brown.

Right. And it wasn't as corally in that location. This is Valsillo's point. So there's lots of different portions of this, but, um, you know, it was very kind of a, it was a little shelf that was sitting there. And there are some draws that go down deeper to different parts and things like that, which is really cool. But what I saw, it was eerily familiar from a, what you're seeing the flip side of that. It was very different in the sense that like, because there was so much surge, even at depth.

we were feeling it and current that, you know, if you took a breath in at the wrong time, you know, you're, you're a few feet higher than you expected to be in that moment. Right. So you start to kind of learn, okay, this is, this is different. There's, there are different things here. And then also, you know, just like everybody, the first time at a new dive site, you're not as oriented to exactly where you are. I mean, I felt, I felt I had a good grasp on where I was most of the time. Um, but still like

Daniel (19:56.348)
Yeah, sure.

Jay (20:15.313)
You know, I asked after the dive, I sat down with Jack and said, look, can I, don't tell me, can I just map out what I think we did here? And you tell me if I was right so that I know navigationally kind of what happened. And so I did, I said, I think this and this and this and this and he said, yeah, yeah, it's pretty spot on, you know, one correction here or one correction there. But, but in general, we made a big triangle, which was pretty cool. And so again, like that's an

Like for me, something to be super aware of is the navigation side of it, because it's brand new to me. I really don't know where I am at any given moment. Whereas if I'm like Travis, like any given moment, I know exactly where I am and how to get where I want to go. Um, there was brand new. I had no clue. So I was very aware of that. And then on top of that, my, my light came loose on my Goodman handle, you know, it's just a comedy of things that just kind of

Jay (21:09.401)
Not, they're not even incidents. There were just things that were uncomfortable that made you really, you know, think and slow down a little bit and clean yourself up and all that stuff. So yeah.

Daniel (21:13.761)

Daniel (21:23.695)
Is that the closest point to your house?

Jay (21:28.885)
No, so the ocean's about 10 minutes from my house. But from a diving perspective, what I understand is the diving up here, I'm in the northern part of San Diego. The diving up here is pretty rough and pretty washed out. There's not a whole lot to see. A lot of flat, sandy bottom. There is some lobstering up here that people do, but.

Jay (21:56.561)
It's about 40 minutes door to door from my house to the dive site there, which is called the La Jolla shores. So it's about the same distance as I used to drive to, to, to Travis, to Lake Travis, but, but yeah, it's about 40 minutes. It's a shore dive. All kinds of sites. We saw one, there's all kinds of sites or I've seen one. There's all kinds of sites that are there. And then the other one that people really like in that area is called La Jolla Cove.

which I've been in once before. And there's lots of different dive sites in that as well. And then there are a few others, Point Loma has some kelp beds that people really like to dive. But kind of the popular spots are probably 40 minutes to an hour from my house. Whereas I can be on the beach in 10 minutes from my house, but that's not necessarily a, but it doesn't mean it can't be. I mean, I'm gonna go find out, right? That's part of the fun is like, let's go find out. And yeah.

Daniel (22:52.702)
Yeah, sure.

Jay (22:55.581)
I want to get in there and go, yeah, this is not fun. Or who knows? It could be a blast being, you know, at 20 feet on a sandy bottom, and it's only 10 minutes from your house to go diving. Like, that could be great. So we'll find out.

Daniel (23:05.294)
For sure. For sure.

Daniel (23:09.334)
Yeah, that, I mean, being that close to can, um, it can help you with whatever it is, whatever new thing it is you're, you're, you're trying to work out that one step out of the pool basically, you know,

Jay (23:21.253)
Yeah, exactly. Exactly. Yeah, I do have to say though, too. It's very nice. Once I can get things down a little bit here to have a have a pool to be able to jump in and mess around with gear. I definitely need to figure out my waiting with within the pool. And then luckily, our pool is saltwater, but still not as salty as the ocean. So you kind of go back and forth to like, okay, how much will I need to add to the ocean?

Daniel (23:44.490)

Daniel (23:49.630)
Is that, is that a normal thing out there? Yeah.

Jay (23:53.385)
Saltwater pool? Yeah, there are a lot of them. I mean, basically, from what I understand, and I'm not an expert by any means, but a saltwater pool basically is using the salt to generate chlorine instead of adding chlorine. That's the way that it's basically cleaning itself. So yeah, there's a lot of chemistry to the pools and the spa situation that I'm learning. And I'm sure there's people out there that are listening that's laughing at me right now because...

Daniel (24:12.154)
Makes sense.

Jay (24:23.129)
I've never owned a pool or a spa before. It was my first one. And so I've just been trying to soak in all of the information from the experts and like understand how to care for the water. And obviously we have someone that's helping with that right now. And eventually I'd like to take that over. But right now we're, we're, you know, still at a place where I, I don't know what I'm doing, but the chemistry of it, I mean, you know, there's pH, there's water hardness, there's chlorination levels, there's all sorts of things to take into account.

in terms of what you add, what you take away, how you care for the water. And it reminds me a lot of whenever I'm learning about this about how complex water is, and we just take that for granted, right? It's a very complex thing. And waterway conservation, which is something that I think fish diet surf is really focused on, has a lot to do with that chemistry as well in the water, how human beings can affect that or those sorts of things. So...

Daniel (25:05.972)
Yeah, 100%.

Jay (25:21.406)

Jay (25:24.649)
So it's really interesting stuff when you think about just the care of a pool. And then when you get into like, you know, waterway conservation and such a bigger piece of water and the chemistry that's involved there. And obviously you're not adding things to reduce, you know, this, that, or the other thing. But the human impact adds chemicals, adds, you know, elements that weren't there that affects the ecology of the place and so on and so forth. It's very interesting.

Daniel (25:54.634)
Yeah, I mean, it's a very complex conversation. We're gonna, yeah, go. Solve world problem, marine water conservation, done. We'll take this over, we'll get it done. Yeah, there's a lot of people that do a lot of work and they spend lifetimes trying to...

Jay (26:00.425)
Yeah, let's have it right now. Five minutes. I'm just kidding. Go.

Jay (26:09.908)
That's right.

Daniel (26:23.698)
make things better for the rest of us. And it's not just the water that we take for granted, of course, it's their work and their effort. And you know, you never know 99% of their names, right? It's there's a there's a figurehead. And then there's the people that not that the figurehead doesn't do any of the work. But it's there's just so many people behind the scenes doing the grunt work, if you will.

Jay (26:38.549)
That's right.

Jay (26:54.353)

Daniel (26:55.778)
So yeah, that's part of what Fishdive Surf wants to accomplish is to not necessarily bring those people to the forefront, but just to help the organizations as a whole. But bring everything to light about the things that we just take for granted. The water bottle or the plastic water bottle that we'll just throw into the trash, even the recycling. I don't know the percentage off the top of my head.

Daniel (27:23.970)
The recycling actually does, but it's never a hundred percent. So what can we do to reduce that? Um, but you said the human element from, you know, from just body composition to sunscreen, to trash in general, I mean, we see these horrific pictures of, um, what is that thing out in the Pacific ocean? The, the, the trash island thing. Um, it's huge. It's just anyway, so not to get down.

Jay (27:48.464)

Daniel (27:54.466)
depressing rabbit hole, but welcome to California or glad you're there, glad you made it.

Jay (27:57.861)
Yeah, yeah, yeah. We're here. We're here and settling in. Okay. So that, that wraps up the California bit. And so if you're out here in Southern California, you want to connect. I would love to, I'm still definitely learning the ropes, learning, you know, where to go, I'm so early in this journey, which is really fun. Uh, but also like a lot of opportunity to, to connect in that. And then the third and final thing I think we had an update on was

you know, where are we going with the season? So obviously with the move comes time changes and all kinds of other stuff and pressures and, you know, all of the things that we talked about. And so now it's kind of the, uh, the, the phase where we're still settling in from a production standpoint and getting things scheduled. We had a few technical difficulties where we had sat down to record with our last cohost and, or I'm sorry, with our next cohost and just

the technology wasn't working. And so it's been one of those like comedy of airs or just blocker after blocker after blocker. So upcoming, and I'm excited to announce this is we have three more co-hosts still to come. One, and the first one will be Mr. Scott Bauer who you were mentioning earlier. And we're gonna talk a lot about photography and about with GoPros. Yeah, exactly. That's the extent of knowledge I have. So he's gonna have to carry those episodes.

Daniel (29:16.290)
With GoPros, right? Yeah. That's all you need is a GoPro.

Jay (29:23.113)
Um, but some photography stuff and others, uh, expedition stuff that we've been talking about. Um, we have Mr. Greg Wolf, who's still upcoming and Greg. Super interesting getting to talk about underwater archeology and shipwrecks and things like that. So that's going to be very fun. And then finally we have, uh, one of my good friends, uh, he and I have been buddies, scuba buddies for, for awhile now. Uh, Mr. Kevin Wood, who's going to come on board. Uh, and we're going to talk a little bit about training.

Daniel (29:38.759)

Jay (29:51.789)
in his real world life job, he is a B 52 instructor for the military. So there's a lot of parallels that he has between scuba training and B 52 pilot training and just experiences that he's bringing. And then we have a lot of funny stories together. We went through our IDC together. Super, super interesting to have that conversation. So those three co-hosts are still upcoming and we're, um, we're working on the coordination and we still have.

Ben Boss will be doing finishing up two more episodes. So the training director at UTD, he's been on an expedition. I think he just finished it up and is coming back. And so we'll be able to finish our next two episodes. And I'm sure there'll be some interesting stories from his latest expedition that he was on and all those things. So lots of more, lots more good stuff coming along with videos alongside of that, which is awesome. And so I'm really excited about the future of season two.

Daniel (30:22.722)

Daniel (30:50.542)
Do you have any, I'm gonna pause here in case we can't bring this up, hold on.

Daniel (30:59.338)
So do you have any updates that you can talk about regarding UTD? Okay. Edit, delete. Okay.

Jay (31:04.165)
No, not yet. But nothing's inked. Yeah, nothing's inked yet. As soon as it's inked, we'll do some cross platform promotion. But yeah, it's not inked yet. I need to, like Jeff's been giving me some space to get settled, which I appreciate before he dumps a bunch on me. So like work has really picked up as well. So it's like, yeah, I'm glad I've had the space. I still need like a couple more weeks of settling. And then I'm like.

Daniel (31:12.411)
Okay. Yeah.

Daniel (31:22.686)
Mm-hmm. Sure.

Jay (31:33.557)
Okay, let's go. So, cool. So let's unpause here. And three, two, one. All right, Daniel. So that's what's upcoming. Anything else to add before we sign off of here?

Daniel (31:34.958)

Daniel (31:46.574)
I don't think so. I think, you know, after Greg, or Scott, and Greg, and Kevin, and then Ben again, that's gonna put us into the third quarter of the year, I believe, pretty close to it. So, you know, who knows at that point what we'll be doing, but I'm looking forward to all of those guys, really. Definitely a lot of information in those brains, so.

Jay (32:16.573)
Yeah, it's going to be fun. It's going to be fun. It's going to be fun. And then on top of that, um, the long beach scuba show is coming up. So I'll be attending that, um, and, and checking out the, what's going on there and probably producing some live stuff from there. And, uh, and yeah, um, DUI has been gracious enough to grant me a ticket. So I'm pretty stoked to be joining them, uh, on that. And yeah.

Daniel (32:16.578)
Definitely looking forward to listening to that.

Daniel (32:25.326)
Ha! Fantastic.

Daniel (32:39.310)

Jay (32:43.545)
And then more stories to come of as I get acclimated to diving here in San Diego and what this all has to offer just cannot wait

Daniel (32:52.130)
Definitely looking forward to those stories and videos with your GoPro. Lots of bananas.

Jay (32:54.981)
And the pain, the pain, the pain that I'm in today. Yeah. I'll get through it. Lots of bananas and, and, uh, and, you know, I have to find the sow for my ego, but it'll come.

Daniel (33:02.094)
and stretching.

Daniel (33:08.213)
Yeah, you can probably balance that out with a DPP, I think. Yeah, maybe.

Jay (33:11.673)
Yeah, there we go. Yeah, that's the it's supposed to be coming in June. So I've been talking to the person I'm getting it from who's over in Europe. And he was saying, Oh, I'm coming across in June. Can I bring it to you then? I'm like, yeah, bring it to me as soon as possible. Like, yeah, that would be a very nice thing to have right now. So

Daniel (33:24.655)
Uh, yes please.

Daniel (33:28.534)
Will it work in American waters? Ah, just kidding. Just kidding. Yeah. Yeah. The, the knots. No, no, no. Oh, yeah. No different podcast.

Jay (33:31.293)
I don't know, you know, the conversion rate I think is off, but other than that, you're good. Yeah, I guess it depends on who's president, whether it works. I'm not sure.

Jay (33:45.601)
Different podcast. All right. Well, I hope this gives you a good update of what we've been up to and what's been happening lots going on and Excited about it, but thank you out there to our listeners man you know one thing I'm I'm super stoked about that we don't mention enough is that you know our core group of listeners just keeps growing and is strong and I'm so grateful for that and man, I get excited when I meet people out in the wild like last night I got to me. Oh wait

Daniel (34:06.359)

Jay (34:14.801)
I recognize your voice. You're the guy with that podcast. You're like, yeah, like, yeah. And the joke, you know, is like, I didn't know that, you know, oh, that's your face. Like no one knows my face. Like, you know, does that, they're kind of giving me the look, like does your voice match with your face or not? Like, you know, and sometimes people go, you're exactly what I imagined you'd look like. And other times it's like, I would have never imagined you to look like that.

Daniel (34:20.290)
that one.

Daniel (34:25.260)

Daniel (34:30.518)

Daniel (34:39.062)
I have never gotten it right. I'm 100% wrong every time, so I'm consistent.

Jay (34:45.413)
Yeah, yeah. Well, that's good. I really wonder, it would be fun to like, you know, do a lineup with somebody like, okay, what, what does, what do I look like and do a lineup and then like see what people think my voice actually looks like. That would be hilarious. Uh, but probably also another ego salve need a moment there. So yeah, yeah. It to do exactly. Exactly. All right. Well, thank you to all the listeners. Like I said, uh, I would just, I think,

Daniel (34:51.878)
Oh no. Oh my god, no. Oh no.

Daniel (34:59.456)

Daniel (35:02.643)
Yeah, right. So two TB two DPVs. Yeah. Yeah.

Jay (35:14.985)
Daniel and I both are constantly just wowed by your support and continued commitment to this show and what we're doing and we're so thankful for that. So shout out to all of you. And then we will be back on with the next episode with Scott Bauer, looking forward to that.

Daniel (35:32.138)
All right, man. Nice talking to you.

Jay (35:33.777)
All right, have a good one.