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Suffering through a dry spell without scuba diving? Grab a coffee (or your favorite adult beverage) and take your seat at The Dive Table every week with your hosts Nick and Jay as they share their stories, opinions, and adventures of their continuing love affair with scuba diving.


You’ll laugh at their stories of minor misfortune. Empathize with their successes and regrets, but ultimately you’ll recognize their journey as your own; where life intersects with Scuba Diving.


We know you’d rather be scuba diving, but while you’re out of the water, The Dive Table Podcast is the next best thing - a down to earth, often hilarious, and always honest conversation about everything scuba.


Based in "Bat City" (Austin, TX), The Dive Table may just adopt the motto, "Keep Diving Weird." Through weekly episodes exploring various topics in scuba diving ranging from: recreational diving, technical diving, dive travel, dive equipment, training and certification, scuba instruction, and the general scuba diving industry; The Dive Table has a vision to bring all divers together around their own "Dive Table" to share their stories, learn from one another, and ultimately find community.

About the Host

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Jay Gardner


Jay Gardner is a globally recognized author, speaker, and writer in the entrepreneurship and startup field who is now bringing his unique perspective to the scuba diving world. He is a dedicated diver and is particularly in love with being deep in a Cenote along the Mexican Riviera. Jay is applying his passion for teaching and coaching as an instructor candidate for UTD Scuba Diving International, a training agency that is committed to building thinking divers.