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The Dive Table

Suffering through a dry spell without scuba diving? Grab a coffee (or your favorite adult beverage) and take your seat at The Dive Table every week with your hosts Nick and Jay as they share their stories, opinions, and adventures of their continuing love affair with scuba diving.

You’ll laugh at their stories of minor misfortune. Empathize with their successes and regrets, but ultimately you’ll recognize their journey as your own; where life intersects with Scuba Diving.

We know you’d rather be scuba diving, but while you’re out of the water, The Dive Table Podcast is the next best thing - a down to earth, often hilarious, and always honest conversation about everything scuba.

Recent Episodes

#19 Nick's Moving to Malaysia!

June 21, 2022

The guys decide it's time to let the cat out of the bag; Nick is moving to Malaysia. Don't worry, though, thanks to technology the podcast will go on. There's some 13 hour time change, so somebody will be up early some of…

#18 Back from Under the Jungle

June 14, 2022

After 10 days in Mexico, your hosts are back to tell their tale. Spending over half of their time with a cave diving outfit called 'Under the Jungle,' Nick and Jay are now certified 'Expert Side-Mount' divers. Nothing but h…

#17 Interview with Mike Gault Part II

June 7, 2022

Nick and Jay have Mike Gault back for part 2 of his interview. In this episode Mike delves into the philosophical side of scuba diving. Humility and the removal of the ego should be focused on and can help you become a suc…

#16 Interview with Mike Gault Part I

May 31, 2022

To say that we've been excited to release this episode is quite the understatement. The guys sat down with Mike Gault a few weeks ago to speak with him about how he was initially introduced into scuba diving and what led him…