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The Dive Table

The Dive Table

Suffering through a dry spell without scuba diving? Grab a coffee (or your favorite adult beverage) and take your seat at The Dive Table every week with your hosts Nick and Jay as they share their stories, opinions, and adventures of their continuing love affair with scuba diving.

You’ll laugh at their stories of minor misfortune. Empathize with their successes and regrets, but ultimately you’ll recognize their journey as your own; where life intersects with Scuba Diving.

We know you’d rather be scuba diving, but while you’re out of the water, The Dive Table Podcast is the next best thing - a down to earth, often hilarious, and always honest conversation about everything scuba.

Recent Episodes

#23 A Conversation with Sarah Miller from Azul Unlimited

Aug. 9, 2022

The guys finally sit down with Sarah Miller from Azul Unlimited. Nick, being the social butterfly, found her on social media and has been following her for some time. He also used her suggestions and advice mentioned in on…

The Dive Table is Back!

Aug. 2, 2022

After much needed rest and relaxation (Millennials, am I right?), Nick and Jay have returned. They have actually been hard at work recording and they discuss a couple of their favorite upcoming episodes, including one not f…

The Dive Table will be back after a word from our sponsors...

July 20, 2022

Hey everybody, Producer Daniel here with The Dive Table Jay and Nick are gonna take a few weeks off in order to recoup from life outside of podcast responsibilities. Jay has been out of town with family obligations but at th…

#22 Lily and Arya, Under the Jungle Instructors

July 12, 2022

This week the guys speak with Lily and Arya, their instructors during their side mount course in Tulum, Mexico. Lily and Arya are both instructors with Under the Jungle and while it seemed that they weren't big fans of havi…