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The Dive Table

The Dive Table

Suffering through a dry spell without scuba diving? Grab a coffee (or your favorite adult beverage) and take your seat at The Dive Table every week with your hosts Nick and Jay as they share their stories, opinions, and adventures of their continuing love affair with scuba diving.

You’ll laugh at their stories of minor misfortune. Empathize with their successes and regrets, but ultimately you’ll recognize their journey as your own; where life intersects with Scuba Diving.

We know you’d rather be scuba diving, but while you’re out of the water, The Dive Table Podcast is the next best thing - a down to earth, often hilarious, and always honest conversation about everything scuba.

Recent Episodes

#39 A Conversation with Robin Cuesta of Sulawesi Dive Trek

Dec. 6, 2022

One of the extraordinary individuals that Nick made contact with at ADEX in Singapore was Robin Cuesta. Robin started and runs Sulawesi Dive Trek in Sulawesi, Indonesia. Jay and Nick sit down with him to discuss how he got…

A Conversation with the First Asian Team Underwater Rugby (FATUWR)

Nov. 29, 2022

The guys excitedly sit down to speak with representatives, Gen, Khee and Ming of the First Asian Underwater Rugby Team, Singapore. You read that correctly, underwater rugby. Trust me, it's a thing and it's growing in popul…

Back from DEMA '22

Nov. 22, 2022

As a newly minted dive professional, Jay recounts his recent trip to DEMA in Orlando, FL. From walking the floor, seeing the latest scuba gadgets, meeting new vendors as well as recounting his new equipment certification, J…

#36 Lessons Learned from Season 1 of The Dive Table

Nov. 15, 2022

Reminiscing over The Dive Table's first 35 episodes, Jay and Nick discuss what it is they've learned about themselves and the required effort needed to start and maintain a podcast. Looking to the future, the guys also talk …